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As residents of Northwest Florida, Demolition Pros understands that natural disasters can be devastating and the aftermath can be overwhelming. Whether you are prepared for them or they strike unexpectedly, some storms, floods, and high winds are too severe. They can destroy entire structures and can leave communities without water, power, or transportation.

We also know that storms are not the only causes of disaster or destruction. Tragic events such as fires, severe leaks, and even acts of vandalism can destroy homes and businesses in an instant. These events themselves are frustrating, devastating and overwhelming on their own. Handling the burden of a difficult cleanup afterwards can be exhausting, and in some cases, even dangerous.

An emergency cleanup is typically needed after a severe storm, natural disaster, or catastrophic accident. Depending on the situation, this type of cleanup can be extensive and even dangerous to attempt without the proper equipment and experience.

Situations/areas that may require a professional emergency cleanup:

Storm Damage and Debris
High winds and tornadoes not only cause destruction to your own property. They can carry debris from other areas and leave them strewn around your lawn or lot. It’s difficult to know if these foreign items are safe to touch, as they can contain particles of bacteria or hazardous materials. Having a professional perform this cleanup can protect you and your family.

Uprooted Trees, or Tree or Plant Debris
Whether a storm has uprooted your trees and plants, or they have rotted or died with age, these can be complicated to remove. Tree bark, thorny vines, and some plants can cause skin irritation or cuts if not handled properly. If the cleanup isn’t planned efficiently, the removal and disposal can be exhausting and costly.

Fallen Electrical Poles
Many commercial properties have light poles or electrical poles in their parking lot and surrounding their facility. Similarly, some residential properties have lamp posts and electrical poles within their property line. High winds and tornadoes can uproot these, or they may be knocked over in an auto accident on the property. These posts and poles can be hard to remove, and can even be fatal if electricity is still running to a transformer or bulb.

Leaks and Floods
Whether it’s a pipe that burst, irrigation that overflowed, or flood water from a storm, water-based disasters can be serious. They are usually completely unexpected and can be difficult to stop. Items or entire areas can absorb large amounts of unfiltered water, which can lead to the growth of mold and bacteria. Framework can weaken and even collapse when water levels rise too high and saturate the beams.

Fire Damage
Just like floods, fires are often unexpected and hard to control. When a fire begins to spread in a structure, it is always safest to remove everyone from the building. But many don’t realize that the aftermath of a fire can be just as hazardous as the fire itself. Hazardous materials and chemicals can be released from within the structure as it is consumed by the fire. Trace amounts can combine with the smoke, dust, or ash, and accidental inhalation can be fatal. Using the correct equipment and taking certain safety precautions when cleaning up after a fire can prevent injury or fatality.

Unsafe or Uninhabitable Residential Structures
If a home is unstable or has collapsed, it can collapse further as debris is shifted. Without taking the proper safety precautions, entering a home that has been deemed unsafe can be a health risk. Older homes can contain lead, mercury, and even asbestos, and an unstable structure can result in exposure to these materials.

Unstable Commercial Structures
If a commercial structure has collapsed in an area, it can collapse further as the debris is moved. Many commercial structures are made of heavy sections of metal and concrete, which can be surprisingly sharp when broken. Attempting to clear away sections of a commercial structure without the proper equipment and training can be hazardous.

Unsafe or Washed Out Swimming Pools
When a swimming pool washes out, it typically results in many broken sections of concrete and plaster. These can be heavy and difficult to remove from inside the pool area. Dirt and ground material also tends to pour through the broken opening, which can be tedious to collect and remove. As concrete is removed or pressure from the ground is increased on the pool exterior, the pool can wash out further. Performing a cleanup on a washed out pool without the proper experience and tools can be unsafe.

Concrete Demolition
If your driveway, parking area, or even your foundation has been cracked or broken, it may be beyond repair. Before it can be replaced, the old sections need to be removed. Sections of concrete can be exhausting to remove and expensive to dispose of on your own.

An aerial view of hurricane debris in a residential neighborhood
A Demolition Pros dumpster and equipment on a job site

Let us clear the way so you can rebuild.

If your home or business has been affected by a catastrophic event and needs an emergency cleanup, Demolition Pros is here to help. Our contractors are fully licensed, insured, and thoroughly qualified to provide disaster relief in any of the prior mentioned areas and more. We are proud to provide you with safe, reliable, and fast emergency relief so that you can rebuild a better future, sooner.


Here is what a few of our clients have said about our work and their experience:

“These guys did an awesome job for my mom in Panama City after hurricane Michael. Honest, prompt, fair, integrity… I highly recommend this company!”
- Darlene C.

“Very happy with the service I received. Price was reasonable, the job was started and completed on time, and VERY good communication! I received photos at the start, halfway done and different angles of the completed project. This was a total demolition of my home after Hurricane Michael in Panama City. When they were finished the ground was level and ready for a rebuild! Thank You!”
- Mike F.

"We have a small house and one car garage/shed that was partially demolished that we wanted completely torn down and hauled away. I worked with Demolition Pros to get that done and I was happy with them. Overall, they did a fantastic job, especially with the clean up."
- Fay W.

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