Exterior Demolition

Does your home or office need a face lift?
Is your property hidden or degraded by overwhelming landscaping or unsightly concrete?
Are there external storage or detached structures on your property that you don’t use and are taking up space?

If so, then an exterior demolition may be the solution you’re looking for.

What is Exterior Demolition?

When someone hears the term ‘demolition’, the first and only thing that usually comes to mind is the demolition of a building or structure. Demolition Pros is proud to say that we specialize in so much more than just that.


Exterior demolition can be defined as the demolition and removal of outside facilities, structures, or even landscaping. In many cases, homes or property have exterior items that are no longer necessary or may be no longer usable. They can take up desirable outdoor space and can sometimes be an eyesore.

Items Or Structures That Require Exterior Demolition

Sheds or Detached Garages

Some homeowners or business owners find external storage sheds or detached garages useful for a season. But eventually they can become a catch-all for unwanted things, or an empty structure on a desirable area of land. When they no longer serve their desired purpose, they can be removed to make way for something more useful.

Concrete or Asphalt Removal

With those detached sheds garages, driveways or walkways are often paved for easier access to those facilities. When those structures are no longer there, they leave unattractive sections of concrete that no longer serve a purpose. Removing these sections and replacing them with lush landscaping can increase the property value and curb appeal.

Fence Demolition

Occasionally, fences are placed far within the property line, or even just around a fraction of the land. This can result in limited access and use of property. Demolishing and removing the fence can open up the area significantly. And with the old fence removed, you can then either place a new fence in a more desirable area or leave it unfenced altogether.

Tree or Brush Removal

Some lots can have significant overgrowth that becomes too overwhelming to maintain. Having the trees, brush, and other overgrown items removed can open up your property. Afterwards, you can leave the area clear and open, or have newer, more appealing landscaping done in its place.

Trash or Debris Removal

With DIY projects increasing in popularity and convenience, some people can find themselves with piles of debris and trash to dispose of. This is also a common result of smaller storms or even just property neglect. This can pile up in extra bins or in stacks outside, and can become too overwhelming to reasonably dispose of. Having these items collected and hauled off responsibly and professionally can save you time and energy.

Exterior demolition can be very useful in a variety of situations. In some cases, it’s an essential step to any project. But depending on the size and placement of many of these items, they can be haphazard and difficult to demolish or remove.

How to Demolish an Exterior Item or Structure

All demolition projects should be performed by a fully licensed and insured demolition contractor or demolition company. While in some cases it may seem simple, exterior demolitions are no exception. Many of these items are heavy or bulky and can be a strain to move without the proper tools. Most items need to be demolished in some capacity before being moved, and doing so without experience can be dangerous. And depending on the items, there are also regulations on how and where they must be disposed of.


Demolition Pros is fully licensed and insured, and has extensive experience with exterior demolitions. We have a large variety of tools to safely and efficiently demolish the unwanted items. Once the items are demolished and can be removed, we use our dump trucks or roll-of trucks to remove the items from the property.

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