Interior Demolition

Do you have a room in your home that you want to remodel?
Does your commercial property need an interior renovation or expansion?
Are frameworks and built in fixtures standing in your way, or are the codes and permits overwhelming you?

If so, then an interior demolition may be exactly what you need.

What is Interior Demolition?

Interior demolition clears out spaces within a structure without demolishing the structure itself. With the framework of the original structure intact, you can simply remodel or renovate the space instead of building an entirely new structure.


With commercial properties, interior demolition can be useful when an institution or organization wants to remodel a specific section of their property. These sections can be expanded or remodeled to better fit the business need without altering other areas of the structure. In some cases, business can continue as usual in the untouched sections while the interior demolition is being done. If a complete demolition were being done, the business operations would have to be temporarily relocated or halted altogether.

Commercial Spaces That Require Interior Demolition

Interior Offices

Many office buildings are purchased because of their location or overall structure. But if the offices themselves aren’t the ideal number or size, demolishing and rebuilding those rooms can be beneficial to operations.


In older commercial buildings, bathrooms can be outdated and potentially unusable. Clearing out those spaces can allow you to upgrade your fixtures and create a more sanitary space.


Depending on the number of staff in a business, the size of your breakroom may not be satisfactory. You could clear out your breakroom and expand to make room for a better seating arrangement and kitchen space. A more enjoyable breakroom can increase staff morale and productivity compared to a bland and cramped space.

Residential Spaces That Require Interior Demolition

Residential projects can also benefit from interior demolitions when remodeling a specific room. Some rooms may have built-in fixtures that are difficult to remove. In other cases, some walls or ceilings may be damaged or in the way, and can be demolished without affecting the rest of the house.


Some kitchens can be too small to comfortably cook in, or too oddly laid out to entertain in. If you feel this way about your own kitchen, you may be interested in demolishing the interior. Then, you can arrange your new kitchen fixtures in a way that perfectly meets your cooking and entertaining needs.


Older homes come with older fixtures that may not meet current codes. They can also tend to leak or not work properly, which can be costly and frustrating. Demolishing your bathroom can clear the space for newer fixtures and a more efficient space for you and your family.


Some closets are far too small, and some rooms have far too many. It can be frustrating to dig through the awkward spaces to find things you’ve stored over the years. Demolishing these spaces and expanding them or combining them can make organization and storage much more manageable.

Whether you are interested in expanding, downsizing, or simply upgrading a space in your home, an interior demolition is the first step.

How to Demolish an Interior Space

Interior demolition or selective demolition is the first step to your next project. Depending on your vision and structure, this can be a major project or at can be a seemingly small task. But any demolition should be performed by a fully licensed and insured demolition contractor, and interior demolitions are no exception. If an interior demolition is not performed by a professional, it can result in damages to the space itself and the surrounding structure. It can also be a risk of liability and injury to anyone on the job or in the property.


Demolition Pros is fully licensed and insured, and has extensive experience in interior demolitions. Each project is carefully planned so that we can provide any necessary permits and prepare for any unique conditions. Our seasoned contractors are trained to use the tools and equipment safely and efficiently. We will clear out your desired interior space while leaving the rest of your structure untouched and intact.

Afterwards, our crew will clean up the demolished rooms. Using our dump trucks or roll-off trucks, we will haul off any debris from the interior demolition. Then you can proceed with your dream home renovation or business expansion with a clean slate.

For a free interior demolition estimate, call Demolition Pros at 850-564-DEMO today!