Commercial Demolition

Do you have a large structure, such as a shopping complex or warehouse, that you need removed?
Is your office or retail space outdated and in need of a renovation?
Has your company or organization outgrown your space, requiring you to expand or even rebuild?

If so, then a commercial demolition may be exactly what you’re looking for.

What is Commercial Demolition?

Commercial demolitions are often done on abandoned or unusable warehouses, office, or retail structures. They may be severely damaged or may contain harmful materials that cannot be easily removed. In these cases, it can be more cost effective to demolish the structure and sell the empty lot, or rebuild a new structure in its place. However, there are many other uses for this type of demolition.

We understand that location is key for many businesses. Leaving a prime location for a more suitable building somewhere else should not be your first or only option. If the entire building is out of style or out of code, a complete demolition can clear the way for you to build a whole new commercial structure. That way, you can keep your prime location and have a building that is perfect for your business.


However, you may also benefit from a selective commercial demolition. This type of demolition only removes part of the structure. Clearing away just the unwanted sections can save you time and money, so that you can remodel or restructure those areas while leaving the rest of the structure intact.

Additionally, commercial demolitions are not just reserved for office or warehouse spaces. Organizations and institutions such as hospitals, schools, supercenters, or shopping malls can also benefit from commercial demolitions. When an institution succeeds, especially in a way that is beneficial to their community, they can begin to rapidly expand. With this expansion, they can quickly exceed their current structure’s capacity, or the space may no longer fit their needs. A selective or complete demolition can help you expand or remodel your structure to better meet your business needs and accommodate your success and growth.

Whether you want to remodel or rebuild one room, an entire large-scale structure, or even a parking area, a commercial demolition is exactly what you need to get started. These demolitions can feel like a challenge, but with a qualified contractor or company, you can be back to business in no time.

How to Demolish a Commercial Property

A commercial demolition must be done by a fully licensed and insured demolition contractor or demolition company. These demolitions require permits, and must follow the codes and regulations in that state and county. While smaller demolitions can be done with standard excavators and skid steers, larger-scale demolitions require larger excavators, cranes, processors, and shears. These machines must be operated by trained professionals to ensure safety, efficiency, and success.


Our seasoned contractors at Demolition Pros are fully licensed and insured. We have the extensive training and experience to use the machines and tools required for these jobs. Each job is planned in detail so that we can provide the proper permits and prepare for any unique challenges or conditions. We also use the best tools and machines on the market so that each demolition is done efficiently.

After any demolition, we clean up the site and haul off any debris using our dump trucks or roll-off trucks. With a cleared site and clean slate, you can begin to remodel or rebuild your structure without any extra steps or interruptions.

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