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Expert Swimming Pool Demolition Services

A swimming pool is a great amenity to have, but they can be very tedious and expensive to maintain. For instance, regular chemical balancing is necessary to keep the water both swimmable and visually acceptable. Costly equipment like pumps, filters, chlorinators/salt generators, and pool sweep cleaners are needed to keep the pool running properly. Due to wear and tear, these pieces can require frequent repairs or even replacements. Swimming pool vinyl liners fade and even tear over time, and plaster can crack and crumble with pressure and age. This can sometimes cost you thousands of dollars to even tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs and replacements.

If a swimming pool is being used and enjoyed often, these extensive costs may be worth it. But if you aren’t using your pool often or at all, it can take up money, time, and desirable space. Many homeowners end up letting their pool go by either putting a cover over it or ignoring it altogether. When the equipment is non-operational and the water chemistry is neglected, the water can change colors and collect debris.

Swimming pools that are not properly maintained can become a risk of liability. Most counties have specific codes regarding pool maintenance to ensure environmental safety. Many home insurances and homeowners associations have certain conditions as well to preserve the value of the pool and property. If the shell of the pool is not maintained, it can eventually leak. This can increase your water usage and possibly result in damages to the surrounding yard or deck area.

Standing water is a perfect breeding environment for mosquitos, which can carry life-threatening viruses like Zika, West Nile, and more. This can be a health risk to you, your family and friends, and your neighbors. Neglected pool water can also grow algaes and bacterias, and can become a home for amphibious or semi-aquatic wildlife.

A dilapidated inground pool ready to be demolished
An inground pool being demolished

Having your swimming pool removed can reduce the risk of liability, eliminate the cost of upkeep, and increase your yard space.

Swimming pool demolitions should be performed by a professional demolition contractor or company, as they require permits and the conditions can vary depending on your area. Groundwater can cause a pool to blow out if the pool if it is not drained properly by a professional. This can affect the efficiency of the pool removal and can cause damage to your property. The debris from a swimming pool removal can also be extensive and heavy to remove, and certain materials are required to fill in the space afterwards.

Demolition Pros is fully equipped to remove and fill in your swimming pool, no matter the size or shape. We plan each swimming pool demolition to obtain the necessary permits and get each job done efficiently in any conditions. Once the swimming pool has been demolished, we haul off debris with our dump trucks or roll-off trucks. Then, we fill in the complete area. After the project is complete, you are left with a clean canvas and a more valuable yard space. You can proceed with your dream landscaping, or maybe have a luxurious deck installed. No matter what you do with the new space, it is guaranteed to be safer, more enjoyable, and more valuable than your unused swimming pool.


Here is what a few of our clients have said about our work and their experience:

"We needed to remove an 18 ft x 36 ft vinyl pool with a diving board. The guys at Demolition Pros did it, and we were happy with what they did. They were great, and the pool is gone."
- Cecil M.

“Demo and hauling done in one day. Price was within my budget. Great work!!!!”
- Laura O.

“They removed my inground pool within a day! Prices were fair and they were very responsive. They explained all my options of different ways to do it. Left no mess at all.”
- Brooke G.